The Cafe Beyond Midnight

My fiance Shingo, enjoying his birthday meal
Japan maybe famous for its big, busy cities surrounding the country, but it's not a hub for shopping malls and restaurants that open during the wee hours. Izakaya pubs may be an exception, but what else can you do beyond midnight other than eating skewered chicken butts and drowning over Kirin Beer?
There are, however, a few spots to be lingered on with your friends when you don't feel like going home until 5. 
8ricefield Cafe, a Western-style bar and restaurant, located in the district of Sapporo City in Hokkaido, is a haven for young adults. It features a liquor bar near the entrance and a number of seats fit for friends and co-workers who want to enjoy the night life beyond midnight.
There are two branches in Sapporo; one in Susukino and the other, just a few walks from Sapporo Station North Exit.  
I went there with my fiance, Shingo, to celebrate his birthday. Because his job ends at 7:30pm and has to drive two hours to get to my place (he works in Fukagawa City in Sorachi), almost all bars and restaurants close at 10pm and that's the exact time Shingo arrives in Sapporo. The only nice place we can go to comfortably was at 8ricefield Cafe.
What I love about this place is the welcoming vibe from the entrance to the interior of the restaurant. It has bright neon colors yet a black background for a contrast. It has a Western look and the music played is always lively. 
8 Ricefield Cafe Entrance

Bar interior design

They have a variety of imported and local beers you can choose from. There are cocktail drinks, wine and whisky, you name it. My favorite beer is the Peroni brand that came from Italy because it's smooth and won't make you notice the alcohol content. Most imported beers are limited however, but new varieties are always around to surprise your taste buds. 

And how about the food? I bet they won't disappoint you. They have mouth-watering appetizers, steak, pasta, and pizzas that have a large amount and heavy on the stomach. The prices may be a bit high too, but the quality of the food, drinks, and environment is worth the yen. 

They are also available for special parties, nomikai (Japanese drinking party for colleagues), and private catering services.

8ricefield Cafe
Address: 〒060-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita Ward, Kita 6 Jonishi, 4 Chome 2-6 Northgate Sapporo
Rate:  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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