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Affordable Tonkatsu in Asahikawa

  H igh prices are all over the place, whether it’s for leisure, travel, or even during our day-to-day living. Although we can control our budget from a number of hobbies, our cravings or food is an exception—especially when it comes to Japanese food! Among the delicious variety and popularity of Japanese food, tonkatsu is one of my favorite. It’s crispy, less oil, and easy to eat. But as we all know, Japanese food isn’t budget friendly to hungry tourists, especially those from developing countries. It’s always a lame feeling to end up in a touristy restaurant because our wallets will be robbed off, but if we try to put some effort on Google Maps, we can find a few affordable ones.  Mr. Tonkatsu’s cozy interior While living in Central Hokkaido, I discovered this tonkatsu restaurant that feels homey and comfortable on the budget. Mr. Tonkatsu, located in Asahikawa City in Hokkaido, is a humble place to enjoy a variety of flavors, from regular pork cutlets to spicy, and curry combination

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