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Ramen and a Relaxing Day

  W hat a beautiful and relaxing Sunday—perfect enough to be lazy and enjoy a huge bowl of ramen! It’s been a week since the snow stopped falling. The ice on the roads of Fukagawa City started melting; leaving a shiny, slippery ground—not an advisable idea to go out for a walk…but many people, mostly elders, still made an effort to enjoy the freezing air. Shingo and I thought it would be a waste to spend the entire day sitting in our kotatsu, so we drove to Komeri, a newly-built warehouse store in the city, to buy some stuff. After that, we headed for  lunch at  our favorite ramen shop, Ichikura .  Ramen Ichikura, Fukagawa City, Hokkaido Shingo introduced me to this ramen shop a few years ago when I was living in Sapporo. It is located just across Riceland Michi no Eki. It has a beautiful and cozy atmosphere, with huge windows that allows us to view the mountains and the open road from outside, while sipping the hot, delicious ramen. The first flavor that I tasted was their signature

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