Flying High at Takikawa Sky Park, Hokkaido

Soaring high above the Takikawa plains

It was a bright, cloudy day in June 2018. Shingo and I were on our 6th month anniversary relationship and so we wanted something exciting and unusual to celebrate it.

So I thought (in a cheesy way),

"Why not take it to the sky? After all, love is in the air!" 😂

All aboard!

I searched on Google Maps around Central Hokkaido what could catch my eye until I found Takikawa Sky Park. Located in a wide suburb of rice fields in Sorachi, it was perfect for air activities such as gliders and biplanes. I've never ridden such a thing before, although I suppose it wasn't far from riding an actual plane. But what the heck? Let's do this!

The Glider
Shingo and I thought we could ride in a glider together, but the instructor said only two people were allowed in one vehicle (that meant the pilot and passenger). So we decided to take one glider each.

The glider would be pulled by a biplane that would control its flight level and speed within a few minutes. Afterwards the main plane releases its cord from the glider as it soars independently. From there, the glider's pilot controls the engine to speed up or down, and take directions, moving like a roller coaster. In fact, it does felt like a combination of a plane and roller coaster! So if you're afraid of heights, be prepared!

Getting ready for the ride, assisted by staffs

Making a peace sign but still nervous

The ride gives you 30 minutes of fun and it costs 7,000 yen per passenger. It may be a bit expensive but in my opinion, it was worth it!

The view from the plane

Takikawa Sky Park is open from March to early November, depending on weather conditions. Reservation is required and available online or over the phone.


Takikawa Sky Park
Address: 139-4 Nakajimacho, Takikawa, Hokkaido 073-0035
Rate: 🌟🌟🌟🌟★


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read! Yes, I enjoyed it a lot; although there were times I was really scared!


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