My Very Own Japanese Menudo

Some of you might be wondering why I entitled my blog, "Japanese Menudo". Well, I'd like to introduce this site to readers as a window to my personal experiences and thoughts about Japan and living here in a Filipina teacher's perspective. I'd like to share you my travels, some restaurants, and anything that is related to Japan especially in Hokkaido where I currently live.

Now, menudo.
What is menudo? (Read as, "meh-noo-doh")

It's basically  one of the known cuisines in the Philippines aside from the infamous adobo. Adobo is known almost worldwide, thanks to fellow Filipinos who lived, immigrated, or worked abroad and shared the recipe to the locals of the country they were in. It's chicken or pork (or both) sauteed in soysauce, vinegar, laurel leaf, and other spices. Menudo, on the other hand, is a tomato-based delicacy using beef, chicken, or pork mixed with a variety of colorful vegetables and then flavored with spices. It is one of my favorite Filipino dishes.

So, you might wonder and comment,

"If adobo is that popular, then why didn't you entitle your blog, 'Japanese Adobo'?"

Good question. That's because...


...the name is aready taken 😂😂😂

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier how I favor menudo among the Filipino foods that cater my taste, it has been a part of my lifestyle to cook this recipe even when I was in the Philippines. It became a challenge to do so when I later arrived in Japan as most Filipino ingredients are not available especially in the countryside Hokkaido. But I was lucky enough to find alternatives. It may not taste and look the same as the original menudo, but I'd like to share you my very own...


You will need:

    slices of meat (beef or pork, your choice), about 350 grams
    1 tablespoon of olive oil
    5 cloves garlic (depending on your obssession for it, doesn't really matter)
    2 pieces of teeny-weeny konsome (bouillon) cubes
    1 whole medium-sized onion
    4 pieces potatoes
    2 pieces carrots
    1 cup olives (optional)
    1 pack of tomato sauce, about 300 grams
    1 teaspoon each, salt and pepper to taste
    1/4 cup water

Now, let's do this!

Cut the garlic into thin slices, then cut the onions into big chunks. 

In a cooking casserole (or whatever you call it), pour the olive oil and medium heat it for 2 minutes. Put the garlic and onions. Stir a little bit, then leave it for about 3 minutes. 

Add the sliced meat and stir together. Again, leave it until the meat changes its color.

While waiting for the meat to cook, cut the potatoes into quarters. You may or may not take out the skin, it's all up to you. Just make sure you've washed them very carefully.

Cut the carrots into medium slices.

Be sure to look after your meat as it cooks. As the meat turns slightly brown, add the potatoes and carrots. Stir altogether then leave it again for a few minutes. Don't forget to put the lid on to let it cook faster.

Cut the olives into halves. With or without pimiento, it's again, your choice. They're not a main ingredient of the original recipe but it adds more flavor to it.

Add the olives, broth cubes, salt and pepper, and tomato sauce then stir together. Pour 1/4 cup of water then keep stirring. Put the lid on then leave for 30 minutes until it boils.

And there you have it! My Japanese style menudo. Enjoy it along with a plate of rice.

Serves 4 people.

Please tell me what you think and comment on this page!  


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